Frequently Asked Questions


When will the visits be?

Visits are scheduled at the same time each week. with the same Friends of the Family caregiver in order to build consistent, reliable, and supportive relationships. We will work with you and your family to set up a good time, and are open to adjusting if necessary. Each visit is a minimum of 2 hours.

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Who will visit?

All the caregivers at Friends of the Family are carefully chosen to ensure that all services are professional, personal and encompassing. Our staff all share the belief that everyone deserves enjoyable, reliable and respectful relationships.

All of our caregivers have extensive experience working with seniors and are carefully chosen based on skillset, experience, passion, and empathy. We strive to have one caregiver assigned to each client. They will take time to create a relationship built on trust, and understand that this takes time. 

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What will the visits be like?

Friends of the Family visits will look different for everyone.  We may visit in a client's home, in a long term care facility, retirement home, or hospital.  We do all we can to offer customized senior care, and that often involves discovering what activities have played an important role in our clients' lives , and find ways to reincorporate them in this new stage. We were one of the first senior home care organizations to offer outings, and we can often be found around town enjoying various activities alongside our clients.

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How will I be charged?

Invoices are sent at the end of each month. They can be sent electronically, via e-mail, or by postal mail. We accept payment by e-transfer and by cheque.

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How can Friends of the Family help?

  • By entering into a meaningful relationship and building a trusting friendship
  • By assisting with groceries – making sure the food in the fridge is prepared and eaten
  • By checking that medication has been taken
  • By assisting with personal grooming (if required)
  • By using a gentle approach to embrace the things that brought our client joy earlier in life, in a way they can succeed at now
  • By building Trust and Confidence. through lending a listening ear and managing communication between our clients and the family when it is necessary

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