Our Responsibility to Families

Our responsibility is to ease the burden and help reduce the emotional strain the ageing process places on the family. We provide a senior care service with a difference, personal care that encompasses all aspects of our clients lives.


How do we help you?

Partnering with Friends of the Family to care for your family member will provide you with a sense of peace, knowing that you can maintain your relationship without the caregiver role taking over that dynamic. It will also give you a sense of relief, knowing that a compassionate attentive friend is making it their job to help your family member live a safe and satisfying life. Specifically, some of the services that will benefit friends and families of aging seniors are:

  • Allowing spouses/caregivers time to maintain their own activities, careers, and family while knowing your family member is involved in meaningful activity.
  • Providing information and resources which may benefit clients and their families.
  • Connecting with other services available in the community.
  • Communicating regularly with families with updates on
    changing needs.
  • Providing peace of mind especially to families who live out
    of town.
  • Providing emergency contact when needed.
  • Assisting with the transition to a retirement/nursing homes providing continuity of care and support.

How do we help your senior family member?

  • We enter into a meaningful relationship. Your family member acquires a new friend who they can count on.
  • Accountability for and assistance with personal care ie. we help make sure the food in the fridge is prepared and eaten, and the medication gets taken.
  • Renewed or increased participation in hobbies, interests, etc. Our goal is to encourage your family member to live fully, embracing the things that brought them joy earlier in life in a way they can succeed at now.
  • Trust and Confidence. There are things that a parent or spouse might need to express, or may be experiencing that are difficult or embarrassing to share with their children or partners. We provide a listening ear, and are able to manage communication with the family when required.

SwimmingWhen do we visit?

Visits are scheduled at the same time each week, with the same Friends of the Family caregiver in order to build consistent, reliable, and supportive relationships. Our visits are a minimum of 2 hours long.

Some clients see us once a week and others see us everyday. It all depends on what kind of support is needed.

Who will be visiting?

All the caregivers at Friends of the Family are carefully chosen to ensure that all services are professional, personal and encompassing. We all share the belief that everyone deserves enjoyable, reliable and respectful relationships.