Individualized Senior CareReading

Building a trusting relationship takes time, and accepting help can be difficult for all of us.  We will follow your lead as we create a personalized care plan to meet the needs and enhance the wishes of the individual and you, their family.  

Our team has extensive knowledge working with active seniors, frail elderly and seniors with varying forms of dementia.  Our staff each have multiple years of experience which have given us the skills to effectively motivate and encourage our clients, and also to handle difficult behaviours and anxieties in positive and empathetic ways.

Whether in a home setting or in a facility, we’ll work to help create a personalized plan that will allow increased independence and decrease the effects of isolation.  There is never a contract and we continue to develop new options as situations change.

Our scope of service can include:

  • Providing assistance and encouragement for continued enjoyment of hobbies and interests
  • Shopping, preparing meals, light housekeeping, laundry and errands
  • Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, including following physiotherapy directed rehabilitation exercises
  • Focusing on feeling and looking your best with attentive personal care
  • Advocating and ensuring accurate information is shared during medical appointments, with facility staff and communicating back to the family
  • Providing information on local support options and assistance navigating care in the community and within facilities